About Us

Welcome to Organisation Station! I'm Sheridan, thanks for your support & interest in our business. Here's some interesting info about how we started and what we stand for.

Re-wind for a second to June 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. I was in my early twenties, newly married, winter was raging, Covid19 was at its worst, and Melbourne was about to start one of the longest, most unprecedented lockdowns in Australian history. To make matters worst, my car had just broken down. Thanks to my untimely car issues and not being able to get to work, I was fired from my job. You could say life was peaking!

Over the weeks that followed during the lockdown I started my first service business, which (to my surprise) became a huge success and soon led to me employing workers. We also some how managed to buy a block of land a few months later and started our build journey.

Whilst waiting for our house to be built we lived in a tiny little unit, where I learnt how crucial good organisation and utilizing storage really is. If anyone needed all the storage hacks in the world, it was me! I'm not joking, my pantry was only about 30cm wide, just to give you an idea!

I gradually started seeing a niche in the industry: at the time there was lots of businesses selling beautiful pantry containers and labels. And whilst I LOVE all things pretty pantries, I wanted to create a store that offers products that really are unique game changers in terms of organisation. Products that hack the system and make difficult storage situations EASY. And so, Organisation Station, my second small business, was born.

My husband and I run the business from our home in Australia. The underlying goal of all our products is really to reduce the headache and frustration that results from inadequate storage, and to provide simple organisation solutions that just make sense. 

I hope you all can benefit from our small business in some way, whether its from our epic products or even if it just gives you some inspiration. Thank you for supporting us regardless!