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Organisation Station AU

Cord Organiser for appliances

Cord Organiser for appliances

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Loose cords from kitchen appliances can make a space messy and prone to safety hazards. This cord holder helps effectively organise these messy cables and keeps your kitchen tidy. Can be used to organise the cords of various small appliances, such as stand mixers, pressure cookers, toasters, coffee makers, blenders, bathroom hair tools and more.

This cord holder is made of high-grade, durable silicone. Simply wind your cord around the cord organiser, and place the plug in the in the middle slot to hold the cord in place.

This device can be applied to a curved surface.

Installation Instructions: Clean the surface of the appliance before fixing the cord organiser on it. After applying, please wait 12 hours before using it, this will help the adhesive to set and last longer.

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