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Wall-mounted food storage dispenser

Wall-mounted food storage dispenser

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Never have a messy kitchen again! Try this sleek, stylish, eye-catching addition to your kitchen organisation and storage containers accessories.
MULTI USE: this wall-mounted dispenser is ideal for all sorts of dry food, not just cereal! Try it for grains, candy, granola, nuts, oatmeal, rice, trail mix. Also perfect for laundry scent boosters. These cereal dispensers are sleek, kid-friendly, and long-lasting. It can be released by pressing the button on the front of the container. 
FOOD STORAGE: Perfect for storing all sorts of food, made from food-grade and high-quality materials, with durable silicon seals. Food storage container keeps food fresh, delicious, and ready to eat.
PORTION CONTROL: This cereal dispenser has a spring-loaded design. Place a bowl underneath the nozzle, and press to dispense portions. Easy and safe to operate for kids and children.
Sizes available:
LARGE- 33 x 16cm 2500ml
MEDIUM- 21 x 16cm 1300ml
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